Trust is the basis of every mandate. We would like to earn your trust by applying maxims of action which make the current state of affairs transparent and accessible to you at any time during the execution of the mandate.

Before we start working for you, we will work with you to find a solution to your problem. In doing so, we will develop an individual solution for you. But we never make a decision for you without you. This applies to the process situation as well as to the consulting and contract situation.

The costs incurred by our work for you are made transparent to you in every phase of the mandate processing, so that you as our client can make both an opportunity/risk assessment and a cost/benefit assessment at any time.

The enforcement of your interests is our top priority. We are large enough to be able to act as a “full-service provider” and small enough to be able to guarantee you individual and personal support. If necessary, we can also draw on extensive external expertise via networks.

By providing preventive advice and drafting contracts, we help you minimize the risk of becoming involved in a lawsuit.