Holger Weismantel – Fields of expertise

In the area of family law you can contact Holger Weismantel, attorney-at-law and specialist attorney for family law a representative of your interests with many years of experience in all areas of family law.

It has been shown time and again that legal advice already in the separation situation helps to better cope with the problems arising in connection with the family crisis and separation situation. In order to be able to assess the problems arising in this context, profound specialist knowledge is required, which is always kept up to date in our law firm through continuous further training in cooperation with the Deutscher AnwaltVerein e.V.and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Familienrecht des Deutschen AnwaltVerein e.V. (Working Group for Family Law of the German Lawyers’ Association).

Our objective in the separation and divorce situation is, as far as possible, to bring about an amicable divorce and settlement of the associated “consequential matters” such as spousal support, child support, equalization of gains and property division, entitlement to the marital home, custody and access rights for the joint children. In many cases, the consequences of divorce can already be settled by contract before the divorce takes place, so there is no need for the notorious “slashing and shoving” in court.

Even independent of the separation situation, it is advisable under certain circumstances to modify the legal regulations by concluding a marriage contract. This is becoming increasingly important, as life planning and financial circumstances in general are deviating more and more from the traditional model of the “housewife marriage”.

Due to the high number of multinational marriages in Frankfurt am Main, we have a great deal of experience in international family law. In particular, Spanish, Italian and Turkish family law are of great importance in the greater Frankfurt area. However, we also advise and represent you in all matters concerning the regulation of the marital home, the assertion of child and adult maintenance as well as in the case of the necessity of an assignment of a home according to the Protection Against Violence Act.

We can now look back on more than 15 years of experience in inheritance law. We specialize in legal representation in the areas of drafting wills, drafting and advising in connection with inheritance contracts, succession planning, assertion of compulsory shares, settlement of communities of heirs and execution of wills. In 2010, attorney Holger Weismantel obtained the certificate as “certified executor” (DVEV).

Another focus of our work is residential property law, in this area of law we have many years of practical experience. Here we are active for you both out of court and in court. Our goal is to avoid legal disputes in court as far as possible by providing out-of-court support. We represent both apartment owners and owners’ associations in all areas of the WEG.

For our regular clientele we are also the contact in all legal problems of general civil law, this concerns both contractual problems in the area of purchase and real estate law, as well as the assertion of claims for enrichment and damages, the range of conceivable legal problems is manifold here.